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Database Administrator--DBA

Cleveland, Ohio
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The Database Administrator (DBA) will be responsible for monitoring, maintenance, and operational support of our entire portfolio of databases. Working under the direct supervision of more experienced database administrators, the Database Administrator performs database tasks such as performance tuning, capacity planning, backups, scripting, monitoring, maintenance, management, troubleshooting, and change control activities. Hands-on experience as a DBA within SQL Server and DB2 environments is essential.

Expected Duties

1. Performs activities associated with the management and operation of all database platforms:

implementing data models and designs; creating database tables, indexes, triggers, and views to

support new and existing applications;

2. Executes, monitors, and tests incremental and full backup policies and procedures as


3. Monitors database availability and performance attributes and provides analysis and

recommendations to improve uptime, availability, management, and performance

4. Writes and tunes database programming, scripts, and similar to facilitate and optimize business

data processing and database functionality and performance.

5. Installs/Updates/Upgrades/Patches database server software as directed

6. Implements security measures for application, server, and user access to databases to maintain

database integrity in line with best practices.

7. Provides support to the members of the database programming team as directed.

8. Updates or creates database documentation, including data standards, database procedures and

definitions for the data dictionary (metadata)

9. Works closely with other IS groups to coordinate current and future plans and activities

including coordination and technical assistance to facilitate specific development projects that

involve the database environment, the coordination of software upgrades, and the installation of

new products.

10. Participates in areas where existing policies and procedures require change, or where new ones

need to be developed, especially regarding future business growth.

11. Participates with hardware and software vendors and other vendors in the assessment of

advanced transaction processing and database software, including beta and field test


12. Performs other duties of a similar nature or level to support the tasks assigned to the


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